High Road | 700C x 25C
High Road | 700C x 25C
High Road | 700C x 25C
High Road | 700C x 25C

High Road | 700C x 25C


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Category: Road
Recommended use: Race
Recommended installation: Front and Rear

Maxxis’ all-purpose road race tire receives a refresh with a new lighter weight casing, upgraded puncture protection, and a revised tread pattern. The result is a lighter, faster, and more durable High Road.

Key Features

  • 170 TPI casing
  • HYPR compound
  • Pro level competition tire
  • ZK puncture protection




HYPR is a full-silica compound and our best-performing compound to date. Compared to our previous road racing compound, HYPR has 16% less rolling resistance with 23% better grip in wet conditions. Impressively, HYPR decreases rolling resistance and increases traction, all while keeping durability equal to our previous rubber compounds.



ZK is our next generation puncture protection material that is lighter, more flexible, and stronger than previous materials such as K2. Maxxis typically uses ZK as a breaker layer, situated underneath the tread in the middle of the tire.


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