Enduro Components & Spares BKCJ-0000 | 10 Tooth Derailleur Pulleys for Campagnolo Derailleurs (5mm Bolt) Ceramic Hybrid Red SKU: BKCJ-0000 Barcode: 810191012719

BKCJ-0000 | 10 Tooth Derailleur Pulleys for Campagnolo Derailleurs (5mm Bolt)


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Enduro BKCJ-0000 | 10 Tooth Derailleur Pulleys for Campagnolo Derailleurs (5mm Bolt)

BKCJ-0000 - 10 tooth, Ceramic Hybrid Bearing, Machined Delrin Derailleur Pulleys for Campagnolo Derailleurs (5mm bolt) Precision machined Black Delrin Derailleur pulleys featuring Ceramic-Hybrid Radial Bearings for enhanced shifting performance and longevity. Designed and manufactured for performance, these pulleys feature CN (tight clearance) bearings in the upper pulley to maximize shifting accuracy and C4 (loose clearance) bearings in the lower pulley to allow for chain-line movement. 500 AF Delrin pulley material features a high mechanical tensile strength and rigidity, natural lubricity, high resistance to moisture, caustic chemicals and UV makes these pulleys highly durable, rigid and very smooth. Delrin also machines very cleanly and precisely. The inherent lubricative qualities of this Teflon-infused material greatly reduces friction when it interfaces with the bicycle chain. When compared to other pulley materials, 500 AF Delrin with Teflon, offers significantly less drag than pulleys machined from aluminum or titanium. Enduro CH bearings feature 52100 High-Carbon Chromium alloy races paired with grade 5 Silicon-Nitride Ceramic Balls with 90% fill, high-pressure, water-proof grease. Si3N4 ceramic balls reduce bearing wear and increase bearing life by eliminating steel on steel contact within the bearing. The ten tooth size and profile with 5mm bolt hole is designed as an upgrade for most older Campagnolo derailleurs. Enduro Derailleur Pulleys are available in a number of configurations and performance levels and are all are proudly precision manufactured in the USA.


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