Enduro Components & Spares BKSM-8122 | Maxhit BB86/92 Torqtite Bottom Bracket MAX | 440C Stainless Steel  SKU: BKSM-8122 Barcode: 195947000807

BKSM-8122 | Maxhit BB86/92 Torqtite Bottom Bracket


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Enduro BKSM-8122 | Maxhit BB86/92 Torqtite Bottom Bracket

BKSM-8122 - Maxhit, 440C stainless steel, BB86/92 Torqtite Bottom Bracket kit MAXhit is Enduros latest patent-pending innovation; where the bearing is actually the component. MAXhit bottom bracket bearings are designed to press directly into your bicycles bottom bracket shell, eliminating the need for the aluminum cups that are traditionally used to carry the bearings. This unique design frees-up space for much larger balls that more than double the load capacity compared to standard BB bearings. The kit includes a full selection seals and spacers to ensure proper installation in any bike with a BB86/92 bottom bracket shell. The Torqtite design simply threads together in the BB shell for a simple, secure, creak-free installation in non-threaded/press-fit BB shells. Machined entirely from 440C stainless steel and guaranteed for life, Maxhit BB bearings include proprietary double-lip labyrinth seals and Enduros extra high pressure grease to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free, heavy duty performance. The Enduro line of BB bearings begin with chromium steel, Black Oxide finish A/C type and then offer full 440C stainless steel at the top. They are always engineered with the largest balls possible and dual lip seals riding in a micro-groove for ultimate protection against sweat and the elements. They are filled 90% with high pressure water proof grease, so you never have to guess if there is grease inside. Enduro Angular Contact (A/C) bearings, all balls are engaged to spread the force over a larger surface area, pressure water and minimizing wear.


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