Enduro Components & Spares FK-6604 | Manitou 28.6mm Fork Wiper Seal Kit 28.6mm Mars  SKU: FK-6604 Barcode: 185843000582

FK-6604 | Manitou 28.6mm Fork Wiper Seal Kit


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Enduro FK-6604 | Manitou 28.6mm Fork Wiper Seal Kit

FK-6604 - Manitou 28.6mm Fork Wiper Seal Kit This seal kit includes upper wiper seals for Manitou 28.6mm suspension forks including Mars, Axel, Six and SX that do not require oil seals. This wiper kit can be used for Skareb and Sliver if you do not need the oil seals. Superior performance from superior materials and design. Enduro fork seals feature dual-lip Polyurethane wipers and oil seals that solve the problems with standard rubber seal designs like stiction and contamination. They keep the dirt out and the oil inside. Enduro Bearings wipers seal better, move faster, are slicker, last longer, and run quieter than stock wipers. Moly Disulphide lubricated lower oil seals move quicker, while never leaking a drop of oil, providing smooth performance over longer periods without maintenance. Enduro Fork Seals are available for most major brands and models of suspension forks at substantial savings and improvement over stock wipers. We also manufacture and stock seals for many suspension forks that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer, so you can keep that old fork running smoothly.



No other bearing brand has the range, quality and performance that Enduro Bearings offer. Don't compromise. Use the best.


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