Rush Sports appoints Brandon Els as Non-Executive Director 05.11.2015

Rush Sports is pleased to announce that Brandon Els has been appointed a Non-Executive Director and as an advisor on growth projects and corporate finance, effective from 1 January 2016. Andre van Aarde, Managing Director of Rush Sports, commented: “It’s great to have Brandon on board at Rush Sports and the company welcomes the equity and working capital investment from Els Group. Brandon will help the company with strategy on growth projects and assist with corporate finance. It’s an exciting time for Rush Sports as we continue to build depth in our management team and work on projects that will deliver value and service excellence to our customers over time.” 

Brandon Els commented: “Andre and the young management team at Rush Sports have an authentic love for our sport and a commitment to the cycling industry going back years. Everyone in the company is under the age of 30 and are amongst the future leaders in the cycling industry. I look forward to contributing where I can on the growth projects at Rush Sports.” 

For more information on Els Group, please visit the website:

Brandon Els, Wines 2 Whales.

Brandon Els, Wines 2 Whales