TECH: The History of Motul and it's High Performance Fluids

TECH: The History of Motul and it's High Performance Fluids

For those in the know, with the recent introduction of Motul's line of cycling products, it's fair to say that they have used the same playbook as with their automotive and industrial excellence -

  • Produce the highest performance product possible in each and every category.
  • Develop market leading products suitable for all corners of the globe and segments within the selected category.
  • Introduce science based technologies backed by real-world testing at the very highest levels.
  • Partner with category leading athletes, teams, OEM's and events such as the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Tour de France and many others.


Motul is a French company founded in 1853 and now spread across the globe producing high-performance lubricants for engines and industry. This includes everything from basic engines, brakes and dampers to the highest performance motorcycles and race cars, not forgetting heavy duty vehicles and equipment, boats, machinery and more. 


As a market leader, in 1971, Motul launched the very first 100% synthetic multigrade lubricant, integrating Ester Core technology, through their "flagship product": the Motul 300V. Today, Motul produce benchmark lubricants for all types of engines and actively innovate to develop new fluids built on their constant search for better performance.


Over the years, Motul have built awareness around the world as an official supplier to the most demanding motorsport teams and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Today, they remain a key partner of legendary international racing competitions such as the Dakar Rally, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorbikes), MotoGP, Roof of Africa, and many others.


For more than 170 years, Motul's goal has been to strive to achieve outstanding performance and protection for their customers across the 160+ countries in which their red and white Motul brand is sold. This means the company produces products build for facing challenges from different environments, running conditions, product applications etc. Now they are applying this same vision, experience and technology to green mobility and renewable energy projects such as cycling, EVs and more.