Enduro Bearings - TorqTite Bottom Bracket Range

Enduro Bearings - TorqTite Bottom Bracket Range

Forever trying to improve and expand their range of cycling products, Enduro Bearings have recently launched a range of bottom brackets that truly are "game changers". How can such a small, unseen, and seemingly insignificant item be a "game changer" you ask? Well, with the myriad of bottom bracket standards and crank configurations, and frame materials, bottom brackets have become a thorn in the side of many shop mechanic, and certainly for every cyclist. What Enduro offer with their "TorqTite" range is a solution to a multitude of problems:

  • All TorqTite bottom brackets feature two cups which thread into a central sleeve, this ensures 100% bearing alignment irrespective of frame tolerance which radically improves bearing life and reduces crag caused by misalignment.
  • Thanks to the threaded interface, TorqTite bottom brackets offer the most stable and secure interface for carbon fibre bottom bracket shells as the left and right cup form a single unit within the frame. This prevents wear developing as a result of play / movement in the bottom bracket cups, and radically improves the longevity of the frame and bottom bracket.
  • TorqTite bottom brackets are available in conversion designs to adapt PF30 and BB30 frames for use with 24mm Shimano / RaceFace and 24/22mm SRAM GXP cranksets. This is done without the use of "press in" inserts which means they are 100% creak free!


Available with the best Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings, or with 440C stainless bearings, the TorqTite system is the ultimate mechanical bottom bracket system to guarantee the best results with the highest wattage output and no unwanted friction. Available in a wide range of standards, listed below.

Enduro TorqTite BB Chart

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