VIDEO SERIES | Ben Cathro's Practical Guide to Learning New Mountain Bike Skills

In this ten-part series, Ben Cathro is going to break down fundamental bike skills and techniques that will make you a better rider. Whether you just took off those training wheels or you're getting ready for your first race, there's going to be something for everyone.

This first episode offers up a basic framework for learning, while the rest of the series will focus on practical applications of individual skills, from vision drills, to suspension setup, to how to get sponsored, to bunny hopping—with some special guest appearances!

Pinkbike's Ben Cathro gives up all his tricks of the trade to set your suspension up "smoother than a well-oiled badger." We're still not quite sure what that means, but our bikes feel great.

One of the most common tips thrown around the sport is to look up. As usual, it’s not as simple as that and can get you into trouble. In this episode, Cathro covers some simple drills to help you get a feel for what you are doing wrong and right.

Braking is learned by all but only mastered by a few. Join Ben as he explains the principles of braking and shows you the drills that will have you slowing quicker so you can go faster.

Ben Cathro shows you how to bunny hop even higher than the inventor "Sir John" himself.


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