CycloPlus - Designed for the Hustle & Bustle of

CycloPlus - Designed for the Hustle & Bustle of Bellville

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
Episode 7

#WeVisit Bellville Cycles  

Every day the relentless hustle and bustle of Voortrekker Road roars past Bellville Cycles at a furious pace. As one enters the compact shop, you can't help but be consumed by each nook and cranny - every inch coated in a texture that can only be developed over 39 years. 

Bellville Cycles was started by Frederick 'Frede' Gouws way back in 1979. A keen amateur in his day, the shop has been his pride and joy for almost four decades.

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Frede's son Fanie Gouws (below) has been working at the shop's coalface for the past eight years. Four years ago he was handed the reigns by his pa, and now runs the shop's day-to-day operations with an eye for detail and a charming confidence that comes with growing up in Bellville ... it only takes a few seconds to understand that 'streetwise' is Fanie's middle name! 

On the day of our visit, we asked Fanie if his pa was available to pop around and say hi ... "sorry guys, he's about to tee off on the 14th hole," was the answer! Frede's retirement has been well earned.  

Inked to the gills, workshop manager Sydney Curnow has been wrenching at Bellville Cycles for the past 21 years. His intimidating appearance is in stark contrast to his warm nature, where he happily chats to us about his time at the shop, as well as his love for motorbikes.  


Deovine Vosloo and Arther Rossouw (pictured below taking his lunch) assist Sydney in the two demarcated workshop areas within the shop. They too, have characters that perfectly complement the nature of Bellville Cycles.  

Sandra Oosthuizen is Fanie's aunt and has been working on and off at the shop for the past 20 years. Her bubbly smile and laugh engulf the shop, adding a breath of fresh air.  

"That's from 19'voetsek"

~ Fanie Gouws when describing almost everything hanging from the wall!
During Sydney's two decades in the shop, he has come across countless brands over the years. CycloPlus has earned the reputation of being both reliable and well priced with a range that covers all aspects of the workshop. 
Mechanic Arther proudly tells us that the fastest moving CycloPlus products in the shop are tyre sealant and MTB cranksets. 
Thanks for your time Bellville Cycles, keep rocking!
Photography by Desmond Louw