SE 2 EP4 CycloPlus Supports the Vaal

SE 2 EP4 CycloPlus Supports the Vaal Triangle

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
SERIES 2: Episode 4
#WeVisit Metro Cycle Works, Vanderbijlpark
Metro Cycle Works opened its doors 68 years ago, in 1950, in its current location on Shakespeare Street, Vanderbijlpark. It was started by a German by the name of Mr Beher who, in addition to bikes, stocked various day-to-day odds and ends. 

In 1970, a Cypriot immigrant by the name of Ευριπίδη κοκκίνη (Evripides 'Peter' Kokkinos) bought the shop from Mr Beher and it has been family run ever since. 
Today, brothers Harry and Christo run Metro Cycles with their mother, Anna who has worked at the shop for the past 59 years.
Mevrou Kokkinos was born in the Free State in 1943. By the time she was 16, her family had moved to Vanderbijlpark and she was working for Mr Beher in his Cycle Shop come general store. 

One day in 1967, a strapping Cypriot walked into the shop and began chatting to the young Anna. Three years later Peter Kokkinos had bought the shop from Mr Beher and married Anna. Harry chimes in that he and his brother are convinced that their father bought the shop in an effort to win over Anna! 

What a remarkable love story!
"Small gestures often mean the most"
~ Christo describing their appreciation for the wooden frame above that was made by one of Metro's customers.
The delivery bike below is as old as the shop and was used to deliver all sorts of items when Mr Beher ran Metro Cycle Works as more of a General Store. 
Metro employs two mechanics Petrus and Thabo (with cap) who say that their best selling CycloPlus products are crank sets and square tapered bottom brackets.

In keeping with the family theme, Petrus' grandfather worked at Metro before both Harry and Christo were born!
Keeping an eye over the shop is Metro's rather inquisitive cat μαυρη (pronounced Mavri) who certainly makes his presence known.  
Σας ευχαριστούμε που μας έχετε. Θα σας δούμε σύντομα.

(Thank you for having us. See you soon.) 
Photographed by Desmond Louw and compiled by Oli Munnik