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CycloPlus - The People's Choice

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
Episode 8
Portraits of the Western Cape

While travelling between towns during the CycloPlus Dealer Tour we came across many people using bicycles as an efficient means to commute or simply to get from A to B. Instead of zooming past, we decided to take the time and stop alongside them, introduce ourselves and request permission to take their portrait. 

Leeuw Gamka

Rider: Tonie
Tonie was the first rider who we saw during the trip. Quietly spoken, he had just crossed the N1 at 7am on his way into the tiny hamlet of Leeuw Gamka aboard his Marin that was originally supplied by Chris Willemse Cycles.



Beaufort West


 Rider: Aldrid

When asked how long he had owned his bicycle, Aldrid replied, “it’s been a while”.




Rider below left: Andre October                Rider below right: Piet Jonkers



Rider: Frederick Hendricks 

We passed Mr Hendricks on the N12 as he was transporting firewood to his home in Klaarstroom, which is located at Meiringspoort's northern entrance. Given the village's remoteness, bicycles are an essential tool for many locals


De Rust

Rider above: Sias

We met Oom Sias as he was pedalling uphill out of town towards home having stocked up on a few essentials at the local supermarket.

Rider without shirt: Johannes
Rider with shirt: David


We encountered Johannes and David riding east, from Dysseldorp towards De Rust on the N12. It reaffirmed the notion, that you simply never know who you're going to meet on the road! We'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 



Leaving Oudsthoorn in the direction of George, moments after a heavy, early-morning downpour, the riders above and below were reluctant to stop, choosing to smile and wave as they powered to work presumably a bit late after waiting for the storm to clear.


We photographed Richard (above) and Roderick (below) during their daily commute, where they use their bicycles to get to the farms they work on. 


For Remy (above) and Petrus (below) who is standing alongside his mother, their bicycles are an invaluable tool to get to and from work and school respectively.   


Rider: Michael and friends 
Michael was swarmed by this group of women who were extremely excited to be photographed.


 Riders above: Hermanus, Edward and Hendrik 

Employed by the Worcester Business Improvement District, these three men fight crime by bike!
While driving through Worcester, we noticed a mountain biker furiously pedalling along Michell's Pass Road. A movie style chase ensued as we tried to flag him down. After a few minutes he pull into the Worcester Prison and to our total surprise, joined roughly 25 cyclists from the South African armed forces (Police, Army and Navy) who were in Worcester for their monthly cycling race.
Above, Craig proudly wears the blue and white stripes indicating that he is the organisation's provincial champion. Below is a policeman from the Boland as well as two members of the Army stationed in Saldanha Bay. 


Rider: Steven
We initially thought Steven was carrying a pizza home, however, on closer examination it emerged he had just bought a new toilet seat!
Episode 8 represents the final instalment of the Western Cape CycloPlus Dealer Tour. We hoped you enjoyed the series photographed by Desmond Louw and written by Oli Munnik