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CycloPlus - The People's Choice

 CycloPlus Dealer Tour

Series 2 | Episode 9 
Commuter Portraits in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the North West


While travelling between towns during Series 2 of the CycloPlus Dealer Tour we came across many South Africans using bicycles as an efficient means to commute or simply to get from A to B. Instead of zooming past, we decided to take the time and stop alongside them, introduce ourselves and request permission to take their portrait.  


Rider: Solomon Masulu and friends
07:27 | 5°C
As we approached the rural maize farming town of Delmas, Mpumalanga we passed Solomon Masulu as he chatted to friends who were huddled around the fire keeping warm while preparing for the lunchtime trade of what appeared to be various parts of a cow ... this is an encounter we will never forget! 


Rider: Moses Nkosi
07:34 | 6°C
"Winter without gloves would be very difficult"
Rider: Vusi Makagula and friend, Elina Murehku 
07:38 | 6°C 
Vusi works for Aveng construction and often needs to be at work before the sun rises ... his bike had many reflective strips and even a set of lights on the fork blades


Rider: Darryl Biesenbach
11:53 | 16°C 
We passed Darryl casually freewheeling down the road smoking a cigarette. He told us he was 18 and enjoying the school holidays. Given his formal attire, it felt as if he was in actual fact cycling to a job interview. Either way, we advised him to tighten the bolt holding his seat in place as it falling out would have dire consequences. 
Rider: Julias Maraboge
11:59 | 16°C 
Employed by a local shabeen, we bumped into Julias as he was buying ice to make sure his delivery of zamaleks arrived ice cold.
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Riders from left to right:
Morne Rassouw | Leigh Loots | Attie van Rensburg
12:35 | 17°C 
These three musketeers were roaring through Pretoria North proving rather difficult to catch. Only 14 years old and decked out with skull and cross bone gloves, Leigh Loots was the most talkative of the group and couldn't hide his excitement of being on school holidays!


Rider: Joseph Tutuvala
07:40 | 2°C
Every day, in the piercing cold, Joesph sells scones at the corner of Cherry and Frikkie Meyer Street. We bought a pack for only R8 and were bowled over by their freshness. 
Rider: Johannes Tshabalala
07:48 | 4°C
We passed Johannes in thick, early morning fog as he cycled north on the R57 during his 20km commute from Sasolburg to Vanderbijlpark - a ride that takes him an hour each way on his beach buggy! 


Rider: Paul Marule
09:19 | 17°C
Paul was on his way to Meat World to pack his bicycle panniers full of fresh meat that he transports and sells in Sunrise informal settlement. 


Rider: Lennard Segole
10:07 | 15 °C

Lennard was extremely shy. He couldn't look into the camera, choosing rather to smile and look down 4th Avenue, Springs. 
Episode 9 represents the final instalment of Series 2 of the CycloPlus Dealer Tour. We hoped you enjoyed the series photographed by Desmond Louw and compiled by Oli Munnik