SE2 EP2 CycloPlus Visits the Matriarch of South African

SE2 EP2 CycloPlus Visits the Matriarch of South African Cycling

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
SERIES 2: Episode 2
#WeVisit Linden Cycle, Joburg

If you live in Gauteng and own a bicycle the chances are pretty high that at some point you've frequented Linden Cycle and had the pleasure of meeting Joneene and her team. 

Our visit to the matriarch of South African cycling was a very moving experience. It would be impossible to single out one specific element of the shop as being the reason ... but one thing is for sure, the sum of Linden Cycle's parts is equal to something unique.

"It's only by the grace of God that we have the best team of guys and one of the best and oldest LBSs in Joburg"

~ Joneene

Joneene began her sporting life as a multisport athlete (that's her on the right in the image above), but after a few of life's twists and turns, her focus narrowed, and she became the proud and passionate owner of Linden Cycle.
During our visit, we spent time chatting to Neville Merwitz who was busy doing what he does best ... tuning a wheel in his wheel stand. 

Neville joined the Linden Cycle family 19 years ago and is part and parcel of the fabric that makes this shop what it is.
Any guesses as to what the tool below is designed for?

(Hint ... it hangs above Neville's Wheel tuning stand)
The highlight of our visit was the time spent looking at the old-school riding images and reading the heart-warming messages of appreciation  written to Joneene and Linden Cycle.

As we circled the shop Joneene was able to vividly explain the story behind each and every image (they are literally stuck onto almost every available space) ... giving us the rider's name, the event or occasion and what they had come to the shop for. 
Into today's busy world, it felt as if time had stopped and that we were right there in those magic moments captured on film ... 99% of the photos were snapped before the dawn of digital! 

"Who said white men can't jump!!!"

~ Ian Morrison, who now works at Coolheat, with style for miles 
Above, Joneene all smiles on her tandem back in the day.
Below right, Kappie Kapp unleashes a hail of watts on his way to winning the 1994 Track World Masters Championship in Brisbane, Australia. Joneene fondly tells us about Kappie's track exploits where he is still a record holder on the Hector Norris Track in the South of Joburg.
The rider above, attacking the elite bunch up Franschhsoek Pass in the 2014 Boland Tour is Linden Cycle salesman Stuart Fitzpatrick, a former pro who raced on the Europe Car and Road Cover squads. Stuart is the perfect example of how Joneene and Linden Cycle have provided, and continue to provide employment opportunities for countless youngsters who dedicate their late teens and early 20s to pursuing the dream of becoming professional riders. 

"Thanks for all your help and guidance"

~ Chris would not have his Argus medal without Linden Cycle!
At first, four year old Ben was very wary of the camera, but once on his Blue Bomber he and his brother Tom were all smiles!

Like hundreds of riders before them, Linden Cycle has introduced these boys to the world of two wheels.
The tiny-wheeled BSA below is in immaculate condition with Joneene saying that when its white tyres needed replacing, they had to be special ordered costing far more than the bike was originally worth! 

"... William (who turns 8 in December) did his first mountain bike ride at Groot Marico this past weekend. He did the 23km in just under two hours on his new Silverback bike which he loves. Yes, Mom is very proud of him :)"

~ One of the many appreciative Linden Cycle customers

When someone goes to this degree of effort to thank Joneene for her effort and attention to detail, then you know Linden Cycle is doing something right! 
The mechanics at Linden Cycle were a pleasure to meet and showed immense pride in showing us around their workshop. 
Having moved into their 3rd Avenue premises 32 years ago, here's to wishing Linden Cycle (at least!) another three decades of success. 
Photographed by Desmond Louw and compiled by Oli Munnik