TECH | Glovebox ... New from Santa Cruz Bicycles

TECH | Glovebox ... New from Santa Cruz Bicycles

Introducing the Glovebox, Santa Cruz's new in-frame storage solution that allows for the safe and silent stowage of whatever you need to enjoy your ride

An except from Pink Bike's review of the Megatower 2:

Without a doubt, the most eye-catching feature on the Megatower 2 is the compartment under the water bottle cage. This is Santa Cruz's first take on the Glovebox system and they have done their homework here. A spring-loaded machined aluminum latch keeps things securely fastened and silent. Inside you'll find two neoprene sleeves to cancel out any undesired noise that could be caused by rattling accessories. Towards the bottom of the large GloveBox door, you'll find a small rubber pad to further aid vibration damping. For example, I was able to just squeeze a OneUp 100cc pump wrapped in the tool roll, head first, down into the storage area. With room to spare in the upper section of the downtube, I stuffed a spare tube in there as well.

Riding Ain't Easy, but Packing for a Ride Should Be

The Glovebox allows for riders to pack their Tool Wallet and Tube Purse inside of the frame, which means never starting a ride without all the tools you need and not having to strap it to the outside of your gorgeous machine.

Tool Wallet and Tube Purse

The Glovebox also comes with a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse. Roll one up and stuff it into your Glovebox.

High Quality Fit and Finish

Just like the reassuringly weighty clunk of a car door and the gentle glide of a soft close kitchen cabinet, the Glovebox is a highly engineered and distinctly refined interpretation of a downtube hatch.

The Glovebox is built into the new Santa Cruz Megatower 2 - see it HERE