NEW PRODUCT | Hightower ... Santa Cruz's Engineers’ Greatest Hits

145mm VPP | 29-inch wheels | Glovebox
The newest version of the Hightower remains Santa Cruz's greatest hits of engineering - now further refined and bottled into their most all-terrain of bikes. Big on wheels, medium on travel, short on fuss, this is the do-it-all model that does it over and over again thanks to a versatile balance of geo, spec and durability. If you’re not looking for extremes, just something extremely good, the Hightower is your elevator.


1. Not all frames are created equal.
Hightower represents Santa Cruz’s greatest hits, showcasing their design, engineering, and performance prowess.

2. Lower Link Assembly
The highly-sculpted and optimized lower link (A) houses a geometry adjusting flip chip (B) and beefy pivot axles (C) to virtually eliminate lateral flex.

3. Upper Link Assembly
Santa Cruz use only the highest quality Enduro MAX sealed radial bearings (A) and premium fasteners (B) for their linkage assemblies. They’re easy to properly torque and maintain, plus Santa Cruz offer free replacement bearings for life.

4. One-Piece Swing-arm
VPP suspension utilises a one-piece swing-arm that eliminates the need for pivots on the stays, creating a stout, bulletproof rear end for accurate tracking and superior performance.

5. C & CC Carbon
Santa Cruz offers two grades of carbon—top-end CC Carbon and value-minded C Carbon. Though they have the same stiffness and performance, CC is lighter and comes paired with more premium suspension.

6. Carbon Mastery
The Sag Window (A), Glovebox (B) and internal cable routing tunnels (not shown) demonstrate Santa Cruz’s expertise at combining practical function with carbon design and manufacturing artistry.

7. The Sum Of The Parts
In isolation, all these things are great—together with fanatical suspension tuning, a premium build spec, and a meticulous attention-to-detail, they’re transcendent.


For more information check our the Hightower HERE.

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