Route 62 Cycles Goes With CycloPlus - The Experts in Bike

Route 62 Cycles Goes With CycloPlus - The Experts in Bike Parts

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
Episode 4
#WeVisit Route 62 Cycles, Robertson

While many of our dealers have either been in the industry for decades or racing since their teenage years (in many cases both!), Kotie Terblanche discovered cycling relatively late in life. 

Seven years ago Kotie responded to a classifieds advert online, purchasing a bicycle that he thought he would simply have at home and ride occasionally. Little did he know that within months, his legs would be shaved and he would be absolutely hooked. In 2016 he decided to open Route 62 Cycles, and hasn't looked back since! 

Proudly hanging from the wall is Kotie's steel Peter Allan dating back to the late 1980s that has survived the Karoo2Coast and Race to Nowhere (below) as well as the second stage of the 2018 Cape Epic - ridden out of competition! 

A sucker for punishment, Kotie's favourite race is the Attakwas, which he has ridden twice on a rigid single speed!

"Life is too short for just one sport"

Kotie spent most of his youth out-muscling gigantic humans competing in 'toutrek' events through out the country as evident below where he is 'trekking' for the Goudini Tug of War Club in the early 2000s. A few years before, in 1998, Kotie had earned his national Tug of War colours.  

Indeed, life is too short for one sport, and we couldn't be prouder to have a Springbok Toutrekker within the Cycloplus dealer network! 


Kotie has a great working relationship with his mechanic, Kalvin Pieterse (middle) and salesman Dehan Gayba (right) who, together, form a formidable team in Robertson.  

Kotie mentioned that the CycloPlus tyres' supple butyl rubber was incredibly well suited to the terrain in Robertson describing how his customers ask for CycloPlus by name as they have found it is the only tyre that can endure the area's notoriously harsh rocks and countless duivel dorings. 

Photography by Desmond Louw