NEWS | Sam Bull appointed Chief Executive Officer of Rush Sports

Rush Sports is pleased to announce that Sam Bull has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company effective 1 January 2023.

Brandon Els commented: “The risks associated with the Covid era are now well behind us and it is time for me to hand back daily management control of Rush Sports to the team who will be led by Sam. Sam has recently also become a shareholder in our business and has become a trusted player in our industry. It’s great for me to see Sam’s growth. Andre continues to be the backbone of our systems and operations in his role as Chief Operating Officer. The next generation is ready to lead and has my full support.”

Sam Bull commented: “It is a great honour to lead Rush Sports. As always, my top priority will be to our loyal dealer network, but now this will extend to other stakeholders including our suppliers and staff. I am excited to lead our product development and marketing pipeline with Phillip and Oli while working with Andre on the daily logistics that run Rush Sports. Brandon continues as a mentor and investor in my and Rush Sports future. I am excited to take on this challenging position.”




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