Santa Cruz - Tallboy 3 CC Review

Tested: Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 CC - 9th November 2016

"Like many, this story begins as the proud owner of either the legendary Tallboy or its updated follow-up the Tallboy 2. Both were undeniable, leading-edge bikes in the budding 29er market. In my case, it was the second version, and like countless skeptics was the bike that sold me on the big wheels. The capabilities of my Tallboy 2 never ceased to amaze me until the day we parted ways. While the changes made from the V1 to V2 model can be described as restrained, the changes to the new Tallboy 3 are extensive.

Santa Cruz recently offered to send me a Tallboy 3 to review but I chose to review my personal ride instead. While the bike will have a slightly different build, it’s comparable and I think most folks are interested in how it rides more than the bits..."


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