Think about a sock design full of colour, detail and patterns with your brand on. The Sox Factory has mastered a printed sock formula that allows any design to be printed onto a sock with limited restrictions. 

Difference between sublimation printing and the Sox Factory True Print technology:

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer dye onto plastic, fabric or paper. As soon as a sock is stretched, for instance, the sublimation print will fade away. With Sox Factory’s method, the ink is burned into the material, which allows the dye to absorb within the fibres. 

Are there restrictions to a printed sock?

Design possibilities are endless. From gradients to patterns, botanical to photos, we have tons of examples of how clients have utilised the printed sock technology. Fine lines and small patterns will have to be checked by our design team, but we always find a workaround.

Can I design my own work of art? 

Yes, you can draw it, design it or even paint it. Our print technology allows clients to think outside of the box and showcase their imagination. 

If you would like to design your own artwork, we always require a vector logo/image format, which means the image is not compressed into pixels. The files should be high resolution to print the best quality socks for you. 

For more information about Sox Factory’s custom socks, please send us an email at or complete the form on our website.