The new Santa Cruz Nomad 5

The new Santa Cruz Nomad 5

Big mountain riding is a nomadic existence. Meeting friends in far flung car parks. Pinpointing trails you're not sure are even rideable. Sending the ones you know are. Shiny new bling gets battered, shattered and bruised. That’s life. That’s how it should be. That's why the Nomad exists.

The ever versatile wheel size – 27.5-inch – 170mm travel, a full carbon frame and built with the intention that it'll keep running and running, long past the season's end. The Nomad is the kind of bike you need never worry about. Sorry, we can't say the same for the locked public washrooms and parking tickets.



170mm travel

When we say big travel, we're not talking about your Transit's odometer. We're talking 170mm of 38mm diameter fork and 170mm of VPP rear suspension compatible with both coil and air shocks.

Proportional chainstay lengths

The Nomad's chainstay length is matched to the frame size so every rider, no matter their height, gets the same balanced geometry.

27.5 wheels

There’s no time for puzzling when on a road trip either. That's why we chose 27.5 wheels as the go-to for the widest variety of riding styles and rider sizes.


Adder Green and Magenta

Oxblood and Tan