Double Trouble with Theo Erlangsen

Go Fast and Take Chances ... not many of us are skilled enough (or brave enough) to let go of the brakes and hang on for dear life when negotiating lightening fast DH tracks or some of the world's biggest dirt jumps. There is no turning back in this high-speed, high-risk world: it's all or nothing.

In this short documentary style film by Thomas Sandell, go behind the scenes and into the mind of wild-man Theo Erlangsen who defies the laws of gravity ... descending the Les Gets DH World Cup track like a demon and floating over the LooseFest jumps that are so big you can see them from outer space!

Maxxis Tyres is proud to provide this South African speedster - who is making his dreams a reality - with the best grip and control in the business ... view the locally available Maxxis range HERE


Filmed and edited by Sandell Films.

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