MC Ellis prefers CycloPlus - The Experts in Bike

MC Ellis prefers CycloPlus - The Experts in Bike Parts

CycloPlus Dealer Tour
Episode 1
#WeVisit MC Ellis Fietse, Beaufort West

Walking into MC Ellis Fietse is like walking back in time, to an era when ostrich feathers were in vogue and four legged horsepower reigned supreme. 

Constructed in 1899, the building was originally a general dealer with a tailor housed upstairs. Tim Ellis' oupa bought the building in 1934 and turned it into a fiets winkel. Three generations later and the Ellis family are still large and in charge in Beaufort West.

It was fascinating hearing about the 100 year+ history of the shop, which is filled to the brim with an assortment of parts that are equally as old!

Casually hanging from the ceiling, this museum worthy 'dik-wiel' below dates back to the 1880s ... it's wooden rims and drive shaft drivetrain are truly remarkable. 

With all the modern day hype around shiny new carbon bikes with flashy paint jobs and featherlight parts, venturing through the shop's greasy shelves and workbenches is a truly refreshing experience.

This is a part of our industry that rarely receives attention, but when one scratches beneath the surface there are incredible stories to be found.

When looking at the bikes in the shop, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that tyres and tubes are fast movers ... the unforgiving Karoo roads certainly take their toll on local commuters.

We couldn't quite believe our eyes when a customer walked in clutching a tube with over 100 patches on it as well as string binding a hole in the rubber. Bush Mechanics 101! 

Meneer Ellis and his mechanic, George are firm believers in Cycloplus' quality and chose it for it's extensive range. From brake cables to ball bearings, CycloPlus provides dealers with a complete solution.